I will write this journal in english. You will find out why, later on this page. (Für Alle, deren Englisch nicht mehr so flüssig ist, biete ich ein persönlichen Übersetzungsdienst über Telefon an.)

After the days at the coast I was ready again for a city. So I visited Lisbon for the weekend.

To my surprise they had just for this and the next weekend a special curfew. So after 1 pm everything was closed. I had planed to explore more parts of the city that day, but I had to change plans and I spend the afternoon just in my van.

As always I visited some museums. So enjoy your time while reading the following reviews.

First I was in the «Museu Calouste Gulbenkian». It features a broth collection of art objects from egypt times till modern impressionists.

It was e very impressive museum and I enjoyed walking through times. Around the museum is a very nice park, that is also worth visiting.

Next I visited the «Museu Coleção Berardo». The museum is big white building surrounded by the historical churches and towers of Belém.

They have also a huge collection. But it's starting with works of the cubist artists and goes on till present art.




Out of all the museums in Lisbon I liked this definitely the most. There was enough space to breath especially because I was one of the only visitors.

The third and last museum was the MAAT. I was really exited to visit it, because the architecture is just stunning.

But very ironically the inside was very disappointing for me.

I din't liked the exhibition in the main building. Luckily they had a second one. It was used as a thermoelectric power plant till the 70s. Part of it shows the remaining. It's very informative. Although I was too tired from the other building, that I didn't really get my head inside it.

The other part showed two different exhibitions. As said I was quite tired but I liked them. Especially the one about a portuguese photographer.

That's it for now about art. Thanks for your attention. 🙂

On Sunday I went again to a Riverside church and I really enjoyed it. It was just very refreshing. I met some nice people but because of the curfew everyone went straight home afterwards. So I had the afternoon free and enjoyed the time while cooking and reading. In the evening someone I met in the church invited me to dinner (and a hot shower) the next day.

So on the next day I saw some more parts of Lisbon and tried Pastel de Nata (witch I definitely like thousend times more than Francesinha).

This is the pink road in Lisbon. If you know the red place in St.Gallen you will be very disappointed by it.

Lisbon has some great hipster places to offer with awesome bookstores!

A good effect of the pandemic is, that you could visit all the very touristy places without bothering about to much people. So I also went to the very popular Christo Rei.

Lisbon is like the big version of Porto (or maybe the other way around). So I had to use public transportation, to get to the different places. But I enjoyed the vibe of the city. Definitely have to come back.

In the evening I then met with Ana and Jee Kang (the couple I got in contact at Riverside). I'm glad I met them, because they really inspired me in my faith. Somehow I think it was an encounter led by god.

Jee Kang: Go on with your ministry and be blessed with it. I'm looking forward to meet you again.

Aside from talking about God and the World, we talked about my traveling plans and Ana gave me not only some tipps. She created a list with 26 places to visit. Isn't that awesome? Thats the reason I wrote this journal in english, that I could give her my opinion on the different beaches. So in the following list I will write about beautiful beaches along the west and south coast of portugal.

Ana: Thank you so much for your leading. I enjoyed every place I visited.

1. Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo

If you would asked me before my trip if I like mountains or beaches more, I immediately would answered with first. But I would now say if some sort of hiking is involved I also really like beaches. And this was the matter on this beach. To enter it you need to walk down the cliff for about 15 min. It felt like entering paradise.

2. Miradouro Portinho da Arrábida

From this place you could overlook big parts of the coast south from Lisbon.

My van had to work hard to get up here. But it was deffenitely worth it.

3. Praia da Galé - Fontainhas

Here I saw a beautiful sunset and spend the night next to the dune. The stone formation is very special. This places has a mystical mood to it.

4. Praia da Samoqueira

The street went for quiet a long time besides the coast. That was awsome. I spend the afternoon there, washed my masks and used the sun to dry them.

5. Sagres

It's FULL of camper vans and surfers. Unfortunately my neighbor decided at midnight to make a party with play loud music. It forced me to drive to the other end of the parking lot and sleep there.

6. Ponta da Piedade

Absolute mandatory spot so visit. The incredible stone formations are just pleasing to watch.

7. Lagos

It's a nice little town next to the sea, surrounded by awesome beaches. I stoped at a few of them. I visited the town at a Saturday afternoon and bacause of the curfew everything was closed.

8. Praia da Marinha

I enjoyed once more the sunset. The cliffs are stunning and it's possible to hike on them, so I liked it.

9. Praia da Coelha

Here I spend a longer time to enjoyed the awesome weather, laying at the beach, use some suncream and read.

Remember: It's winter.

10. Albufeira

Albufeira has some very colorful and some very white houses.

The town center and the view over the sea is nice. There wasn't much to do, so I didn't stayed to long there.

Thats it for now. I enjoyed writing this journal in english. It's a good way to improve my skills. So if there is someone, who would enjoy correcting my grammar: Feel free to contact me.